Edward Duigenan

Irish artist Edward Duigenan

Edward Patrick Duigenan, born Dublin, Ireland in 1967  graduated from The College of Marketing and Design , Dublin in 1989 with a higher degree in Fine Arts. After working in an institution for the itinerant community for nine months as an art teacher he decided to skip Ireland and its high unemployment rate and look for new horizons.

Edward dropped art for a period of fourteen years during which time he had numerous odd jobs- some not so odd as others. He lived in Germany for almost seven years from where he did some travelling in Europe, South America and China.

He moved to Colombia, South America in 1996, and lives presently in a small town called Jericó in Antioquía. He works as an English teacher and has a studio where he dedicates his remaining time to sculpture, ceramics and drawing.


"Heroes de Papel, el papel de los heroes", Museo Arqueologicó de Jericó MASUR, 2010

"Retratos", Casa de la Cultura, Jericó, 2010


"Salón Departmental de Antioquia, 2010", Seleccionado, Palacio de Cultura rafael Uribe Uribe, Medellín.

"Rally de dibujo: Taller 7 con Jose Antonio Suarez", Bienial de Arte, Mambo- Bogota: enero 2010, LDF- Buenos Aires, Argentina, nov 2010.

"Dibujos", Taller 7, Medellin, Feb 2009

"Primer Salon de Escultura Rodrigo Arenas Betancur", Biblioteca Marco Fidel Suarez, Bello, Medellín, junio 2008

"Dibujos", Taller7,Medellín, Feb 2008.

Colombia 360º”, Galería Cero Nutibarra, Medellín, dic 2007 a enero 2008.

“VII Heartists in the Marketplace”, Colombo Americano Medellín, nov 2007.

"Dibujos”, Taller 7, Medellín, Nov 2006.

“Sin Titulo”, Casa Tres Patios, Medellín, 16 Agosto de 2006.

“Dibujos”, Taller 7, Medellín, Nov 2005.

“Art for All”, Tercer piso, Biblioteca Luis Echavarría Villegas (EAFIT), Mayo 2003....


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